Make an Adoption Plan

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You have lots of choices with adoption.  Will it be open or closed?  Will it be private or will you use an agency?  You are in the driver’s seat when making an adoption plan and there’s lots to consider if you:

Don’t want an abortion and aren’t ready to be a parent

Want to provide your child with a two-parent family

Want to provide your child with emotional and financial stability

Today, expectant mothers can be included in all aspects of creating their child’s adoption plan.  If you decide to pursue adoption for your baby, you will be allowed to customize the plan that fits you best.

Three types of adoption to consider:

1.  Open Adoption

2.  Semi-Open Adoption

3.  Confidential Adoption

Remember, you remain in control throughout the process.

For more information about each of the types of adoption, or adoption questions in general, call (830) 303-2151 for a confidential appointment or just request an appointment online.

We can refer you to Christian adoption agencies licensed in Texas that will work with you to find a “forever family” for your child.