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*This is a stock photo*

*This is a stock photo*

She’s pregnant.  You’re shocked.

When your daughter breaks the news to you, try not to overreact!  Your initial response will have a significant impact on your future relationship with your daughter.  If you have already blown it, it is not too late to show her that you care.

She can’t read your mind.  Your daughter needs to hear you say:

“I’ll always love you.  No matter what.”

“We’re here for you and will help you in whatever way we can.”

“It’s not what we planned, but it will be okay.”

“We’ll get through this together.”

You may be tempted to say, “Whatever you choose, we’ll support you.”  But this could make your daughter feel that she has to chart her course alone.  Sharing wisdom gained through your life experiences can be a valuable component in your daughter’s decision-making process.

Many people will offer advice, but it’s important to seek the wisdom and advice of those who understand the unique dynamics of an unplanned pregnancy.  Call us at (830) 303-2151 to reach compassionate advocates to discuss the matter confidentially.  We’re here for you too!