Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts


To better serve our “mothers and fathers-to-be” the South Texas Pregnancy Care Center will be launching Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts program!  This program addresses one of the most epidemic trends affecting our clients today; the disintegration of family structures and the rampant rise of fatherlessness.  Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts is a special experience for both “new parents” and “parents-to-be” designed to help them capture opportunities already occurring and to convert them into lasting nuclear families where fathers, mothers, and children all live, grow, and play together in the same home.

For more information please contact the Client Services Manager at 830-303-2151 or check out the comments below for true stories from fathers and mothers who have successfully participated in the program.

 Length of Program:

When:  Contact office for next class date

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. with a one hour lunch break, lunch WILL NOT be provided

Where: GVEC Community Room
1400 W Kingsbury St, Seguin, TX 78155

Fee: $10.00 per couple, required in advance

Curriculum: “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts”

Upon Completion of the Course:

As our program follows an approved curriculum registered with the state at , participants are eligible to receive a completion certificate which can be presented to their local courthouse when requesting a marriage license and receive a $60 discount on the price of the license as well as the opportunity to have the 72 hr. waiting period waived if necessary.


A father who was reluctant at first…

“When I first heard about the program, I just knew this was not for me. I wasn’t going to fit in. This was not going to work. But after the first day I said, ‘Hey, why not try it? It doesn’t seem that bad.’ As time went on, I actually got into it. I was excited about it. It was nothing like I thought it would be…  I love this program! It turned everything around. It made me see things in a totally different way.”

A pregnancy resource center director …

“We love young women and we want to help them, but the young men need to be in the picture as well and take responsibility for their children.”